Prospective Students

Burning Glass Technologies, the analytics company that provides real-time data on job growth, skills in demand, and labour market trends, reports over one million jobs in animators and game design, creative design, digital design, and graphic and visual design. Over the next five years, job numbers for positions in the Live and Immersive Arts industry are expected to increase.

Image: 3D Printed Sculpture by Perla Diaz

In the last 12 months, creative positions such as art director and multimedia designer/animator saw a total of 8,957 jobs, with an expected growth rate of 5%.

In the last 12 months, technical positions such as audio-visual technician saw 12,665 jobs, with an expected growth rate of 12.8%.

In the last 12 months, software developers and engineers saw a total of 940,702 jobs, with an expected growth rate of 30.7%.

Image: Experiential Installation Rendering by Rebekah Clark

Career Options

  • 360 Labs – VR and Immersive Production Studio
  • Universal Creative – themed attraction developer
  • Feld Entertainment – live show production company
  • The Third Floor – leading visualization studio
  • Sneaky Big Productions­ – leading visualization/production studio
  • Cruise Lines
  • Escape Rooms
  • Tradeshow/Event Design
  • Music Festivals/Media Festivals
  • Interactive Experiential Exhibits, e.g. Meow Wolf

Application Information

Prospective Students

Only One Step: Apply to the University of Arizona

The Live and Immersive Arts (LIA) degree is an automatic admit major available starting Fall 2022. It does NOT require a separate application to the major or minor. Students interested in majoring in LIA need to complete the University of Arizona application and select “BA Live and Immersive Arts” as their chosen major.

If you are accepted to the University, you may begin as an LIA student.

Current Arizona Students

Already enrolled in classes at the University of Arizona? The LIA degree does NOT require application to the major or minor.

To be eligible for the BA in Live and Immersive Arts, current Arizona students must:

  • have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at Arizona
  • be in your first semester at Arizona with no cumulative GPA yet.

To declare the major or minor, schedule an appointment with an LIA advisor.

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